Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is drafting a bill that would delay the ObamaCare penalty for a year. It goes further than Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s proposal that includes a six month delay for the individual mandate.

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Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Manchin said he’s working on the bill with Republican Senator Johnny Isakson from Georgia. “What we’ve said is it should be a transition year. For one year there should be no fines, and let’s work through the problems.”

The difference between their plan and Rubio’s is that Rubio’s bill does not guarantee a time when ObamaCare will be fully implemented. “Ours has a certainty of time, January 1, 2015.” Manchin told Bill O’Reilly. Until then, "No fines whatsoever, transition in, let’s fix this thing.”

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Manchin said he believes he will be able to get enough Democratic senators on board. He added that he can’t imagine President Obama vetoing a bill that has bipartisan support. “People are trying to kill it, Bill. Now if they’re trying to kill it, that’s another thing.”

O’Reilly remained skeptical that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will support Manchin. “If you can deal with Reid, more power to you, Senator.” 

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