Here comes socialism! That was the subject of tonight’s Talking Points Memo. Bill O’Reilly said ObamaCare is descending into chaos and Americans are starting to figure out that government-controlled health care is likely to be a nightmare.

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The Factor host warned that ObamaCare is only part of a vision for the forced sharing of American assets. The socialist view is that the state should provide all citizens with a certain lifestyle at the expense of other citizens. “If health care is a constitutional right, then everything associated with good health would fall into the civil rights category,” O’Reilly said.

Therefore if you cannot afford clothes, food, housing, transportation, mental health, and so forth, O'Reilly continued, then it would have to be provided by the state. “That’s a form of Communism because no country could afford those payments without seizing the assets of everybody else.”

The number of Americans who cannot provide for themselves is growing. O’Reilly said that the United States simply can’t afford to pay for ObamaCare unless hard-working Americans give up more of their earnings. “In order to provide for the have nots, the far left wants the federal government to seize the assets of solvent Americans. That’s what ObamaCare is all about – taking from those who can afford health care to provide for those who cannot.”

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Alan Colmes reacted to the Talking Points Memo, saying that health care is not a constitutional right because, well, it’s not in the Constitution. However, he argued that it should be a human right and not having it, “makes us a less advanced country.” He added that guaranteed health care coverage should include good food and housing.

“You’re a communist,” O’Reilly told Colmes.

Monica Crowley agreed that health care is not a right. But as the richest country in the world, Crowley said the U.S. has a social contract to take care of the less fortunate, which she argued we already do. O’Reilly countered that the public housing provided now is often times bad for the health of the people who live there.

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