The uproar continues over the Washington Redskins football team. Some are demanding the team change its name, calling it racist. Lanny Davis is the lawyer representing the Redskins and joined The O’Reilly Factor tonight.

“Wow, for a liberal like you that’s quite a commitment, Lanny,” O’Reilly reacted.

A self-professed Redskins fan for 40 years, Davis responded, “When we sing ‘Hail to the Redskins’ every Sunday when there’s a game in the stadium and Redskins Nation, we are honoring the word Redskins. There’s nothing disparaging intended.”

Sportscaster Bob Costas publicly called the name an “insult” and a “slur.” Davis said Costas is entitled to his opinion, but he has to apply the same standard to himself. He pointed out that Costas excused the Cleveland Indians, when in fact Native Americans were mistakenly identified as Indians by Christopher Columbus. “Using a double standard isn’t right as far as I’m concerned.”

Davis told O’Reilly that the local Native American tribe and Native Americans across the spectrum have said they’re not offended. “For 80 years the Washington Redskins have been beloved as a team name, as have the Cleveland Indians, the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Black Hawks.”