Tonight at 8/11p ET on The O’Reilly Factor, Jesse Watters confronts the members of Bar Harbor, Maine’s town council to find out why they voted to remove a tree adorned with Christmas lights honoring military veterans.

In the sneak peek above, Watters asks the town council members to explain their vote, saying, “This was a non-denominational group that set this up. The tree was a symbol of hope, peace, and understanding.”

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One local veteran described reaction among other vets, telling Watters, “They’re not very happy with it. They feel as though it’s an attack on them. They don’t really see it as a Christmas tree. When you are in battle or when you are away in the military, it’s the holidays and everybody’s away from their families during the holidays. It’s to remember them.”

Watch the preview above and tune in to The O’Reilly Factor tonight at 8/11p ET.

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