A breastfeeding Missouri mom is now facing arrest for bringing her 5-month-old baby to jury duty.  Laura Trickle explained that she is nursing and unable to find childcare, but her exemption from jury selection was still denied.

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Trickle has been charged with contempt of court and faces a $500 fine.  Is this extreme?

Attorney Remi Spencer and former prosecutor Kisha Hebbon joined Fox and Friends this morning to debate the issue.  "As a mother, you have to take certain steps to make sure your child is fed," Hebbon said.  "I personally think that she should have taken her duty to serve as a juror more serious[ly] and found someone to watch her child.  I understand that breastfeeding is important.  I personally did it, but you also have other options.  She needs to teach her baby to be able to take a bottle like most working mothers have to do."

Spencer argued that she does take her service for jury duty seriously because she did show up.  "She should not be charged, she should not be arrested, she should certainly not be fined," Spencer said.

Spencer also thinks that the judge will give her the exemption, saying that court is not a place for a baby, but hopes he will give her a new date and no fine.

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