According to a new Gallup poll, President Obama’s approval rating is just over 44 percent – down 19 points since he took office. Tonight on The Factor, Bill O’Reilly asked guests Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams how they would advise the president to turn things around.

Williams believes the president will use immigration reform and hashing out a budget deal to show the American people he can make progress. He reasoned that because President Obama is the first president since Eisenhower to receive more than 51 percent of the vote in both elections, his numbers were bound to drop. “Republicans would kill to have his numbers.”

O’Reilly interjected, “I think people are now starting to question whether the president has […] the leadership qualities to solve these complex problems.”

Ham called for the president to be transparent, hold people accountable and keep his promises. “ObamaCare is a perfect example of none of those things happening.”

Williams argued against Ham’s claim, and said, “Do you think they’re bad at Social Security, do you think they’re bad at Medicare? No, they’re terrific at it! People love those programs.”

“Well, they’re not really terrific at it because we’re going bankrupt in this country,” O’Reilly responded. “If you’re a fair man, you gotta know that this is a giant screw up and no one’s held accountable.”