A New Hampshire store clerk was fired after he fought off a knife-wielding robber by pulling out a gun. Today on Fox and Friends, Shannon Cothran said he has no doubt he would’ve been harmed if he didn’t have a gun.

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It’s against company policy to carry a gun, but Cothran said he made the decision because there had been 20 armed robberies in the past few months in the city. “I can find another job. It’s very difficult to find another life.”

Nouria Energy Corporation released the following statement in response: “We do respect the constitutional right to bear arms. However, we believe the best way to keep our employees and customers safe is to prohibit weapons in the workplace.”

He noted that there is no system in place at the convenience store to protect him from a robbery. “I would not go back and change my actions, but I would say if you are in a similar situation, you need to weigh your decisions very carefully. […] There are always consequences.”

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