On The Kelly File Thursday night, Megyn spoke with the heartbroken mother of a decorated U.S. Army officer who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for violating the military's rules of engagement in a July 2012 attack that left two Afghan civilians dead.

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First Lt. Clint Lorance was leading his platoon on a patrol in the Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan when three men on a motorcycle suddenly came toward the U.S. troops. He gave the order to fire, killing two of the men.

A search later found no weapons, cell phones or radios on the men.

Army prosecutors said Lorance violated the rules of engagement by not holding fire until there was clear evidence of hostile intentions by the Afghan men.

One of the soldiers who opened fire testified against Lorance at the military trial, saying "my life wasn't threatened at the time."

Lorance's family claims the soldiers who testified against him had a personal grudge, pointing out that the patrol had already encountered Taliban fighters before the deadly shootings.

His mother, Anna Lorance, told Megyn that she believes there is some type of political agenda behind the conviction.

"I know my son and I would never second-guess him. He did what he had to do. He told me he would do it again if he was in the same situation. He made the statement to his soldiers that he would bring them home to their families and that's what he intended to do," she said.

Watch the full interview, and tell us how you feel about this controversial conviction.

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