A man whose wife describes him as a "meth head" has been arrested after allegedly hijacking a school bus this morning in central Arkansas.

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Police say Nicholas John Miller, 22, first tried to carjack someone at knifepoint, but was unsuccessful, so he boarded a school bus and seized control of the wheel from the driver.

Eleven students were on the bus at the time. Miller then led police on an hour-long chase down the highway, pulling over and surrendering when he saw police had deployed spike strips.

Miller, who has now been arrested four times this year, is charged with one count of vehicle piracy, 12 counts of kidnapping and two counts of aggravated assault.

No one on the bus was hurt. The 51-year-old female driver had undergone hijack training earlier this year, and authorities say she did everything right during the terrifying ordeal.

Phil Keating reported the details this afternoon on Shepard Smith Reporting.

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