Young Nebraska football fan Jack Hoffman inspired the nation earlier this year with his touchdown run in the midst of undergoing treatment for a brain tumor.

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The video was shared across the U.S. and the touchdown, which happened during the Cornhuskers' annual spring game in front a packed stadium, even won the ESPY for "Best Moment" of the year.

But as good as that all was for Jack and his family, the latest news is even better.

Andy Hoffman said that after 60 weeks of chemotherapy and two surgeries, a recent MRI revealed that his son's tumor has stabilized.

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He cautioned that although it's "the best possible scenario" at the moment, there is still a "better than 50 percent chance" that Jack will relapse and have to go through treatment again.

Andy Hoffman pointed out that the treatments for his son's tumor are "old and archaic" and he's trying to raise awareness that money is still needed for cancer research.

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Andy and Jack, now 8, talked about how the idea for the memorable 69-yard run came about. Watch the interview above.