Here’s a diet even Homer Simpson would love! An Arizona man has celebrated Oktoberfest for the past three years by consuming only beer and sausage for an entire month. Evo Terra claims he lost 14 pounds in the first year and his cholesterol dropped 30 percent.

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Terra told Shepard Smith he is medically supervised by a doctor, who is also his friend. “Well, my doctor says a high fat, high alcohol, high carbohydrate diet is not the right thing to do,” Shepard reacted. “Where do I find your doctor and could I adopt him?”

If it sounds too good to be true… well, you know the rest. Terra explained that he worked with his doctor to reduce his daily caloric intake to about 1,500. Terra eats about two sausages a day. Since he drinks as many as six beers a day, his son has to drive him around.

A balanced diet that includes vegetables, grains and fruit are supposed to keep you alive, Shepard pointed out.

“Well, beer is liquid bread,” Terra reasoned, adding that he takes a multi-vitamin.

Shepard concluded, “So my guess is you're a little bit hungry and a little bit buzzed all day.”

"That’s my catch phrase right there: low-grade hunger, low-grade buzz," Terra responded.

Are you convinced? Watch the clip above to find out more specifics about the diet. Oh, and if you’re as curious as Shep, find out what Terra’s “bathroom experience” is like. 

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