A California mother of three drew an intense backlash after posting this picture on her Facebook page. Among the more than 15,000 comments were many that criticized Maria Kang for trying to shame overweight mothers.

Kang, a fitness model and blogger, told Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning that she was shocked by the huge response she received, saying she was trying to inspire moms who struggle to find the time to work out.

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Kang advises mothers that in order to get or stay in shape they need to make fitness a priority, or even find ways to incorporate their kids into a workout routine.

Elisabeth asked Kang to respond to those who argued that her priorities are not in the right place.

"No way. You can absolutely be a good mom and be healthy and work out. ... I think it's a big fallacy that in order to be a good mom, you have to be unhealthy. I don't think that that's the right message to send America, especially since we're dealing with a lot of health-related issues."

Watch the interview below and then tell us what you think about Kang's message.

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