On Fox and Friends this morning, Elisabeth Hasselbeck brought us the inspirational story of the new Auburn University homecoming queen, Molly Anne Dutton.

Twenty-two years ago, Dutton's biological mother became pregnant as the result of a sexual assault in California. The woman's husband demanded she get an abortion or face divorce.

That's when the woman journeyed to Birmingham, Alabama, where the Christian adoption agency Lifeline Children’s Services helped the woman through the ordeal.

"Because that resource was made available to her, she decided to give birth to me and here I am, sitting here before y'all 22 years later declaring how radiant my life has been," said Dutton.

Dutton was chosen as the school's 100th homecoming queen after making her story known to her fellow students. She's now started the Light Up Life campaign to "celebrate life."

Watch the full interview above.