As thousands of vets rallied in D.C. this weekend, we saw many images of our nation's heroes removing barricades from the war memorials.

This picture of a double-amputee soldier quickly spread across the nation through social media. You can see Sgt. Alex Jauregui as he actually loaded a barricade onto his segway.

He and many of his fellow soldiers then carried some of the barricades to the White House.

Jauregui spoke with Fox and Friends this morning, explaining that the soldiers and veterans removed the barricades so that the police would not put them right back up when they left.

Jauregui, who lost his legs in an IED attack in Afghanistan, explained why he felt he had to join the protest.

"For them to close down the memorials, where these guys go to pay their respects to their brothers, is just wrong. Sometimes it feels like we're used as pawns and we shouldn't be used as pawns. We fought, we bled, we've lost friends, and that's our right to go see [the memorials] and we should be allowed to go see them whenever we want," he said.

Watch the full interview below.