Some 10,000 truckers are on their way to Washington to gather peacefully this weekend, vowing to show their disapproval to America's leaders.

The Ride for the Constitution is expected to bring thousands of truckers to D.C. at around 3p ET Friday. The truckers plan to clog the Beltway by riding three lanes across in a massive line.

Ernest Lee, coordinator of the ride, told Brian Kilmeade this morning that the truckers will not speed and will leave one lane open for other drivers and emergency vehicles.

Lee is hoping even more people will get involved and create the world's largest traffic jam in order to let D.C. know "we've had enough."

Lee said the trucking industry has been hit with even more regulations from the Obama administration. One example he cited was a law that states that a truck driver will be held responsible on their commercial driver's license for any accident, even one where they're not at fault.

For more information and to see how the demonstration is going, go to throughout the weekend.