A group of tourists say they got some harsh treatment from National Park Service rangers at Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park soon after the partial government shutdown went into effect last week.

Some have described "Gestapo"-like tactics by armed rangers, who made the visitors get back in their bus when they got out to take pictures of some bison.

One of the tourists, Pat Vaillancourt, talked to Steve Doocy this morning about the unsettling experience, saying that the treatment was so extreme that some of the foreign members of the group thought they were all being arrested.

The group was told they couldn't leave their hotel after the shutdown went into effect, with armed rangers stationed outside.

"There were rangers walking in the lobby armed and the [Asian] group went up to the desk and asked if they could go outside, were they under arrest. You can imagine, you're terrorized, you're in another country, you don't speak the language. It really was concerning. You could feel the element of fear," she said.

Watch the interview above.