Thousands freely showed up at an immigration reform rally on the National Mall in D.C. Tuesday despite the fact that the property is technically closed. This just one week after World War II veterans found themselves shut out of a memorial built in their honor because of the government shutdown.

Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch joined Megyn Kelly on Tuesday’s Kelly File with exclusive footage of Nancy Pelosi at the immigration rally. He asked her if she had visited the veterans’ memorial that day to which she responded, “Not yet.” She then said that she frequently attended the memorial, but “I don’t go to grandstand, I go to respect.”

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One man voiced his outrage to Lynch, saying, “I’m appalled at what I see going on here at the World War II Memorial. We have people other than the World War II veterans are basically shut out from coming in and seeing this memorial which pays homage to the veterans that died serving our country and Nancy Pelosi and her bunch right across the yard have hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens over there that they’re glad-handing […] On a scale of one to 10, I’m upset at a 10. In fact, 10 doesn’t even reach where I’m at.”

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Lynch told Megyn Kelly that the juxtaposition between the two events was “despicable.”  

“Today, I watched thousands of illegal immigrants just walk right through the mall, nobody stopping them, no gate, actually there was one gate saying don’t come in. But when you went to the memorial, the gates are still up. American citizens are standing outside those gates.”

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Lynch contends that between ObamaCare and amnesty, a “perfect storm is brewing” in America.