The World War II Memorial may be closed due to the government shutdown, but the House and Senate gyms remain open.

Think that’s bad? Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley (IA) complained about the lack of towel service: “They must not have been down to the gym lately. There’s hardly anybody working down there. There’s no towel service, and so we’re doing our own laundry down there. And we pay a fee to belong to the House gym.”

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Former NH Governor John Sununu (R) reacted on On the Record: “The fee they pay is a butt-covering fee. They don’t want to be accused by the taxpayer of getting a free gym.”

Sununu slammed Rep. Braley, saying, “His whining about the towels, in light of the hardship that lots of folks around the country have been forced to live under, is ridiculous.”

From the suspension of military death benefits to the national monuments being closed, Sununu said responsibility for the shutdown lies with the president.

He criticized President Obama for knowing “nothing” about leadership and for not acting in a bipartisan manner. “This is an administration that wants to inflict pain on the public. And shame on them for picking on people like the families of our soldiers that have passed away.”

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