Tonight in Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo, the Factor host said it’s becoming more apparent that Americans will pay more for health insurance under ObamaCare. He slammed the health care overhaul, saying, “ObamaCare is not ready for primetime and everybody knows it.”

O'Reilly's ObamaCare Debate: Is It Immoral to Hurt Some Americans to Help Common Good?

O’Reilly believes insurance companies like ObamaCare because they’ll make high profits off of your increased co-pays and deductibles. “How many voters do you think knew that while ObamaCare was being debated?” he asked.  “In my opinion – very few.”

On Fox News Sunday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew refused to answer how many people signed up for the government exchanges. He told host Chris Wallace that he was asking the “wrong question.”

“How arrogant,” O’Reilly reacted. “There are no wrong questions, just evasive answers.”

The Factor host believes Americans should be given a one-year reprieve from ObamaCare so we can gage the full impact. “If the president is really looking out for the folks, he has to know things are not working out very well.”

If Republicans are smart, O’Reilly concluded, they'll pound home the notion of a delay.