The supermodel and new Fox News host that has graced over 100 magazine covers is receiving a special honor in New York City.

Gray Line New York is launching a Carol Alt Bus, paying tribute to the statuesque beauty. Alt is one of the select few to have her own bus in the city.

“It’s so nice to be recognized in your hometown of course, but it’s humbling to be in the presence of all the people they have dedicated buses to,” says the Queens native, whose father was a Bronx firefighter.

“They were looking not just for iconic New Yorkers, but people who have left a mark on New York City,” she said on Fox & Friends this morning.

According to Gray Line New York, the “Ride of Fame” is a series of mobile monuments celebrating the works of famous New Yorkers. The honoree is presented with his/her own decal permanently applied to one red Gray Line New York double decker bus at a local ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Moving forward, sightseers will then have the opportunity to ride the honoree’s bus. Alt joins local stars, including Donald Trump, Whoopi Goldberg, and Liza Minnelli, among others, for similar honors.

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