Two doctors joined Hannity tonight to discuss the challenges they’ve faced in the first week of ObamaCare and what they believe the long-term implications of the overhaul will be.

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Dr. Kevin Campbell, a cardiologist, worries that the law will impede his ability to provide efficient, high-quality care to his patients. “I think that we are asked to do more with less. Reimbursement rates are falling, we’re having to cut staffing so that now to make a more efficient office, to see more patients, we’re doing it with less staff."

Dr. Dmitri Alden, a surgeon, explained that the reimbursement rates make it nearly impossible for private practices to exist. “I think if this is going to continue, the private practice will cease to exist in the very near future.”

Dr. Alden further predicted that we’ll eventually see a two-tiered system, “one system for those who can afford complex care, sophisticated concierge medicine” and another for those who cannot.

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