We’re finding out more details about the vicious attack by a group of bikers in New York City last week. Alexian Lien, his wife and young child were driving down the West Side Highway when they were chased by bikers.

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The video shows Lien run over one of the bikers with his vehicle while trying to escape the scene. When the gang caught up with him, they broke the window and pulled him from the car. Lien was punched and slashed in the face.

On Saturday, biker Robert Sims, 35, was arraigned on charges including first degree gang assault. 37-year-old Reginald Chance was also charged. Police believe Chance is the person seen bashing the car window with a helmet. Police have released the image, pictured above, of another person of interest.

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At least one undercover police officer was riding with the group. He reportedly did not intervene to stop the beating and waited days to come forward. His actions are being investigated by the New York Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau.

A member of the biker group defended the attack, saying, “They were angry because they tried to slow this man down because he was already driving erratic. And then to add insult to injury, he pretty much said screw you, I’m going to hit you anyway.”

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Today on Fox and Friends, legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. said, “We’ve lost our minds in this country in some ways.”

He questioned why some are trying to portray Lien as the villain. The biker who was seriously injured is now suing. Johnson reacted, “We have this cavalcade of lawyers piling on this family as if they were doing something wrong on a Sunday ride on the West Side highway.”

Lien’s wife has stated that she and her husband drove off because they were frightened and trying to protect their child.

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