The deadlock over government funding and raising the debt limit has exposed more than the partisan politics between Democrats and Republicans. It also highlights a bitter divide inside the GOP. The internal battle may determine how the standoff ends.

Today on Fox News Sunday, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) went head-to-head over the ObamaCare issue as it relates to the government shutdown.

King has been critical of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his supporters who want a delay in ObamaCare to be a part of the spending bill. The way to defund the health care law, King maintained, is by electing Republicans to the House and Senate in order to get enough votes for it pass.

“This was a strategy doomed to fail,” King said of the shutdown. “And now, Ted Cruz has walked away from it. Now he’s saying we should negotiate on the debt limit, which is what we should’ve been doing for the last month.”

Congress must reach a deal to raise the debt limit by October 17, or the United States will default on its debt.

Graves told Wallace the Republican Party is “fully united” behind reopening the government. He maintained that Americans should be given the same delay to the ObamaCare mandate that has been given to big business by the Obama administration.

“When you say you’re united, there are fellow Republicans who have called you terrorists,” Wallace pointed out.

“As it relates to tactics and strategy,” Graves said, defending his party.

King said, “One thing that Tome Graves and I can agree on is that the Democrats, in my mind, are also being irresponsible here. […] The President of the United States has an obligation to get involved. He is the head of the Democratic Party – he’s doing a very good job as that. But he’s also the head of the entire country.”