Monday, Fox News Channel’s brand-new primetime lineup kicks off!

First at 7p ET on On the Record, Greta Van Susteren talks to everyone from political power players to the biggest celebrities and sports icons in the business. After 11 ½ years at #1 at 10, Greta’s thrilled to make the move to 7p ET. Here’s a sneak peek of her brand-new studio (we promise it will be finished by Monday). Get all the latest from Greta on

Then at 8p ET, it’s The O’Reilly Factor’s 17th birthday and Bill’s taking a look back. Check out this 1996 shot of Bill and tune in Monday for more memorable moments.

At 9p ET, The Kelly File debuts with Senator Ted Cruz and a visit from The Five! Megyn Kelly gave Insider a sneak peek at the new show.

“My obligation as the host of The Kelly File is to make sure the viewers hear it straight. I’m not going to let anybody come on and give me talking points.”

And at 10p ET, Hannity hosts a live audience show. Watch as Senator Rand Paul speaks out on the impact of ObamaCare and what the shutdown really means for America.

Plus in addition to hosting Shepard Smith Reporting at 3p ET, Shep will be breaking in with up-to-the-minute news updates from the Fox News Deck.