Ann Romney stopped by Fox & Friends this morning, giving us an up-close look at the Romney family, and showing off her new best-selling cook book, "The Romney Family Table."

Before Elisabeth, Steve and Brian got down to the real business of having some of Ann's famous pancakes, they needed to know what the Romney family has been up to since the presidential election.

Mrs. Romney said that it's a big adjustment going from the "center of the universe" to all of a sudden "nothing."

"Mitt's father [used to say], and it was a great lesson. Politics is the fastest way to go from who's who to who's that. And we learned that!" she said, adding that the whole experience reinforced that family is the most important thing in life.

She called the current situation in D.C. "frustrating," and lamented that the American people never got to see the real Mitt Romney because of the constant "vilifying" that goes on in a campaign.

"If people had really honestly known he was the most capable candidate, that he would have made a difference, that he would have stopped ObamaCare. ... And we would not be in a shutdown," she said confidently.

Watch the full interview for some more details on the Romneys and check out her signature pancakes.