When an Arizona man called 911 after his girlfriend and his car had both caught fire during a crash, the dispatcher started to laugh!

In audio of the call, the dispatcher can be heard giggling after asking Lalo Delgado if his girlfriend was still on fire. An angry Delgado asked, “It’s hilarious, huh?” He further confronted the dispatcher, saying, “I just heard you smirk.” The dispatcher responded, “Okay sir, it wasn’t regarding that, okay.”

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Adam Housley reports that it sounds as though the laughter is related to something transpiring in the dispatcher’s office and not the call itself, but authorities are taking the situation very seriously.

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The dispatcher has not yet been fired, but an investigation is ongoing. Captain Jim Berry of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, said, “We did not perform at the level I expect or the citizens of this county expect. We’re going to correct that.”

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