Bill Hemmer just reported on America's Newsroom that CNN has decided to scrap its plan to make a documentary about the life of Hillary Clinton.

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The director, Charles Ferguson, said "nobody was interested in helping me make this film," explaining that requests for interviews were being turned down by both Democrats and Republicans.

Ferguson wrote on Huffington Post a detailed explanation of why he has decided to abandon the project.

Neither political party wanted the film made. After painful reflection, I decided that I couldn't make a film of which I would be proud. And so I'm cancelling. (Not because of any pressure from CNN -- quite the contrary.) It's a victory for the Clintons, and for the money machines that both political parties have now become. But I don't think that it's a victory for the media, or for the American people. I still believe that Mrs. Clinton has many virtues including great intelligence, fortitude, and a deep commitment to bettering the lives of women and children worldwide. But this is not her finest hour.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus said on Hannity last month that the RNC would boycott CNN and NBC for the GOP primary debates in 2016.

NBC announced a few months ago that it was planning a Hillary Clinton miniseries that would focus on her time from the Monica Lewinsky scandal to the present.

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