Bill O'Reilly stopped by the Fox & Friends couch this morning to discuss the potential government shutdown, along with his newest best-selling book, Killing Jesus. O'Reilly believes that Congress must pass a three or four-week government funding bill until the dispute over delaying ObamaCare is resolved. He said simply that this situation shows why Americans "can't stand" politics.

What Happens If the Government Shuts Down?

"[ObamaCare] is a mess, and everybody knows it's a mess," he said, suggesting a one-year grace period for the individual mandate so that the country can see how the new health care system works before signing up.

O'Reilly called out both parties, including President Obama, for playing a "political game."

He agreed with Steve Doocy that Obama is thinking about the 2014 elections, since he can push through his agenda in his final two years if Democrats retake control of the House from the GOP.

"They're all playing a big political game, rather than looking out for the country," he said.

Watch the discussion below, including his take on the historic phone talks between President Obama and the president of Iran.

In the second part of the interview, hear O'Reilly go inside his new historical look into the death of Jesus Christ, written with historian Martin Dugard.

To get your copy of Killing Jesus, check out, where you can also read the first chapter.

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