In a non-partisan move, the House of Representatives voted in favor of creating a special envoy for religious freedom in the Middle East and South Central Asia. The news comes as religious attacks are on the rise globally.

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Two years ago, the same bill was passed by the House in an overwhelming majority, but was rejected by the Senate.  According to, if approved by the Senate, the bill would create a special office within the State Department for an envoy who could become an advocate for religious minorities.

Father Jonathan Morris joined Fox and Friends Weekend to weigh in on this idea. He called religious liberty the litmus test for democracy, and said it’s important for the United States to take the recent attacks on Christians in Egypt, Pakistan and Kenya seriously.

In order for an envoy to be effective, Father Jonathan said, “They need to have an independent voice. They can’t just be another department. […] We need somebody who has independent credibility; a big name.”

That person, he continued, needs to be able to speak up and say the U.S. is giving money to countries like Egypt and Pakistan, but it’s failing to protect religious liberty. 

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