On today’s A Healthy You & Carol Alt, Carol discussed the benefits and risks of childhood vaccinations with Dr. Marc Siegel, of the Fox News Medical A-Team, and Naturopathic Doctor Sarah Cimperman.

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The concern, according to Dr. Cimperman, is that the United States gives more childhood vaccinations than any other country. “We give 50 doses of 12 different vaccines before the first year.  Most of the extreme and fatal adverse reactions happen within the first two years of life,” she said.  “I think you need to look at each vaccine individually and each child individually.”
Though Dr. Siegel believes that doctors should be looking at whether a particular vaccine is necessary, he says that many are needed.

He also believes that the debate over the link between vaccines and autism has been put to rest and people like 'The View' co-host Jenny McCarthy, who have spoken out against vaccinations, are instilling fear in the public.

“If your child has autism, you’re going to be looking around for solutions, and I’m very sensitive to that, and I have empathy for Jenny McCarthy, but that doesn’t make her a scientist and that doesn’t make her right about this.  And I think she’s done more harm than good because we don’t have enough of a compliance rate with vaccines in this country,” Dr. Siegel said.

Watch the segment above and tell us where you stand on the issue.

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