A high school football coach in Utah has sparked some nationwide debate after he decided to suspend all 80 players on his team.

UPDATE: Students Thank Coach for Suspension

Union High School coach Matt Labrum took the bold action after last Friday night's loss, saying the players needed to earn back the privilege of playing football at the school through community service and better behavior off the field.

Labrum was alerted by a guidance counselor to the cyberbullying of a student by some football players. He was also unhappy with players cutting classes and disrespecting teachers.

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Instead of practicing this week for this Friday's game, the players have been performing community service.

He gave his players a sheet called "Union Football Character," detailing the next steps for the boys to be reinstated.

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The Fox & Friends hosts discussed the decision in the video above, and below check out some more details on the story from Happening Now!

Tell us what you think! Was it a good move to punish the whole team or should the penalty have been limited to the specific offenders?