Bill O’Reilly argued in Wednesday’s Talking Points Memo that the Obama administration is taxing the American people at record levels. He said that’s the reason why the economy is stagnant. Jeanne Zaino, an Iona College political science professor, debated O’Reilly on tonight’s Factor.

Zaino blamed political reasons for why the Census Bureau report shows record levels of taxes. To solve the problem, she said income inequality needs to end and health care costs need to be cut.

“That’s socialism!” The Factor shot back. “The ObamaCare tax is going to kick in at 8.3 percent. That’s another tax rise. The Social Security was reinstituted, that’s two more percent. They haven't cut a damn thing and you know it!”

O’Reilly continued, “Your basic thesis of income inequality is socialism. Don’t you get that? The government cannot impose income equality on a private marketplace.”

Watch the full debate above.