Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk had served 19 years in the Air Force with a clean record, but he was relieved of his duties last month following a disagreement with his commanding officer over same-sex marriage.

Now, Monk is facing an investigation and possible court martial for allegedly making false statements about the matter and he believes it's retaliation for going public about what happened.

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Shannon Bream discussed the case this afternoon with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who said cases like this are becoming more common since President Obama took office. Perkins argued that the military has become "extremely hostile toward orthodox Christianity."

Perkins called it "absurd" for the Air Force to claim that Monk made "official false statements."

He said the Obama administration has tried to "intimidate and silence" military service members who try to "live out their faith."

"Living your faith in the military has become like walking through a minefield. [Monk] was not even allowed to hold a view that was contrary to his lesbian commander," said Perkins

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