The Cleveland Clinic, touted by the president as one of the best examples of how the U.S. health care system should work, is now saying they will have to lay off workers as part of a $330 million budget cut that is stemming from the new health care law.

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The company is trying to cut as few jobs as possible, but CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove says this is a trend that will continue beyond 2014 as ObamaCare is implemented.

Hospital costs will not be going down under ObamaCare, but the amount paid to providers is expected to drop, leading the Cleveland Clinic to slash costs.

White House spokesman Jay Carney maintained yesterday that there is "no data" that indicates the economy is losing jobs because of the start of ObamaCare.

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Meantime, Home Depot has announced that they will end medical coverage for 20,000 part-time workers, and send them onto the new government-run ObamaCare exchanges. Similar moves have been announced by several other big corporations, including UPS, IBM and Walgreens.

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