Please join us in welcoming our newest Friend, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who debuts on Fox and Friends on Monday at 6a ET. Insider caught up with her on the set and around Fox News HQ to chat about joining the team.  Check out the video above to see her in action with Steve and Brian.

Highlights: Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s First Day on Fox and Friends

“They’re like my brothers,” Hasselbeck said of the guys. “Steve and Brian could not be more friendly and welcoming and informative.”

“Joining the Fox News family is the equivalent of growing up as a Boston Red Sox fan or a Yankees fan and getting asked to play for the team …. I’m just beyond thrilled to be on [it].”

What's in store for her first week?  

"I think Brian's already challenged me to [...] some high-heeled football," said Elisabeth.  

Well, Insider can confirm that there will be an extreme physical "challenge" every day next week. You'll have to tune in to see how she stacks up against the guys. Our money is definitely on her. 

The countdown to her first day starts now. Check back for more from Elisabeth every day between now and Monday, and please help us make her feel at home here at Fox News by tagging your Tweets or Facebook posts with #betterwithfriends

And one more message from Elisabeth: she wants to connect with YOU! Find her on Twitter and Facebook

See How You Can Send a Question to Elisabeth!

As Elisabeth joins the Fox and Friends crew, what better way to get things started than with a visit to the home of the Duck Dynasty folks? Check out a sneak peek of our special week-long series.

Plus, keep checking back – the Insider will be posting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look as the new team rehearses this weekend!

From her ultimate date night with hubby Tim Hasselbeck to her teenage love of NKOTB (that’s New Kids on the Block, for those unfamiliar), Insider asked Elisabeth to “finish this sentence.” Check out her answers here.

Sept. 15: It's less than 24 hours until Elisabeth arrives at Fox News for her first official day on the job. We caught up with her on the new Fox and Friends set during rehearsals with Steve and Brian, and snagged some shots of the new set and crew. Plus, Elisabeth took a time-out to give us a quick sneak peek via Instagram. See it all here!