Starting today, Fox Business Network's Liz Claman will be broadcasting live from Silicon Valley for the sixth annual “3 Days in the Valley” summit, an exclusive three-day behind-the-scenes look inside the high-tech business capital of the world.  Tune in as Claman brings you unprecedented access when she sits down with the heavy hitters in Silicon Valley, and check out her exclusive take on what you can expect from her trip this year (she just landed last night!): 

I just landed in San Francisco. I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen this view of the "city by the bay."   Having been a student at UC Berkeley and then becoming a business journalist who lives for covering the brilliance of Silicon Valley, I look forward to every landing here because, let’s face it, the place is dripping with optimism, ideas, and innovation.

I also can’t believe it’s our 6th annual “3 Days in the Valley.”  Fox Business came up with the idea in late 2007 when we were but a young pup of a network, getting our butts kicked at every conference because we were “the new kid on the business network block..” the little guy, the David vs. the Goliaths.  But Fox Business is a lot like the brains behind all the Silicon Valley start-ups. Our theory is, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.  

So we figured we’d fight by turning our backs on the staid, old-style conferences that basically set up directors’ chairs in cold hotel lobbies and instead, set up our broadcast operations at the businesses themselves.  We loved the title--- a riff on the B-movie “2 Days in the Valley”-- but thought 3 days would give us more heft.   Maybe it was our moxie, maybe it was just our ability to refuse to see ourselves as the little guy but we started at the top. We called the company who defines Silicon Valley: Intel.

I will forever be grateful to the entire team at Intel for simply saying, “Yes. We’ll host you.”  Back then, Paul Otellini was a relatively new CEO. When his PR gang of Larry Bozman and Paul Bergevin pitched it, Otellini said yes.  It didn’t hurt that my then-producer, Gary Kaye had been roommates in college with Intel’s Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner. Gary used the roommate card while I used the Berkeley card: Otellini was a Cal grad too.  It worked, but not for those reasons.  Years later, I asked Otellini why he took a chance on us and allowed our start-up network take over the premises back then.  He replied without hesitation, “You guys took a chance on me too.”  That’s how Intel rolls.  So from that day forward, no matter how big “3 Days” became, we vowed we’d always use Intel as our tent-pole.

Therefore, tomorrow when we kick off our 6th annual “3 Days”, it’ll be at Intel’s huge developers’ conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This massive event draws some 4,000 engineers, software and code creators and Intel fanatics who are dying to build anything and everything off the semiconductor giant’s chips.

I’m most excited about the fact that we’ll introduce the world to Intel’s brand new CEO, Brian Krzanich who just took the reins of Intel back in May after Otellini’s retirement.  We’ll have a live interview with Brian at 3p ET. SO much to talk with him about. They’ve got a new suite of chips that will power all kinds of devices.  Is Krzanich, an engineer, a believer in wearables? When will Intel present its set-top box? How will he establish a stronger beach-head in mobile? What’s his vision for the future of this iconic SV company? It’s his first live interview with a TV network.  I’m honored he picked Fox Business.

We’ll also have Intel Labs’ Dr. Genevieve Bell. She’s a futurist and anthropologist who studies human and herd behavior and helps Intel figure out how the ‘herd’ will use technology. Brilliant.

Mooly Eden is head of Intel Israel. Can’t wait to talk to Mooly. He’s a genius (worked on Pentium, Centrino products back in the day) and so passionate about technology but he’s also focused on developing Perceptual Computing (watch to find out what *that* is...)

The cool thing about “3 Days” is that, while we set up shop each day at a different location or company HQ, CEOs of all kinds of companies descend to be on with us.  

Tomorrow, we’ve got some super-cool start-ups that are already part of the tech Zeitgeist: Just as Apple unveils what is expected to be two new iPhone 5’s, the CEO of the company that’ll buy your OLD iPhones for the best price will be live with us.  Drew Lieberman is the CEO of Glyde, THE hottest “recommerce” (reseller) site for electronic goods. What will he be expecting to pay for the piles of used iPhones expected to come in from people wanting to upgrade? We’ll give you the prices and more. Watch him at 12:40p ET.

Photoshop is now a verb thanks in huge part to Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen​. He’ll be joining us LIVE & EXCLUSIVELY at 3:30p ET. Remember, Steve Jobs himself tried to kill Adobe Flash but refusing to make his then new iPad flash-compatible.  How did Adobe not only survive but grow and morph into a stronger, better graphic design company? Hang out with Shantanu​ and me during Countdown to the Closing Bell, oh and btw, he sits on the Dell board.  Just sayin’...

They say the gang in Sili Valley can make your dreams come true but say your dream is to have a conversation with THE most popular band out there right now, or say you want to talk to your fave college basketball coach.  Oh yeah, Jeff Fluhr, the CEO of Spreecast can make that happen. Fluhr created StubHub but after selling that homerun to eBay, he still had the start-up bug and founded Spreecast, a video conversation site that connects fans with celebs, and people with those who have similar interests and passions. He already brought fans together with “One Direction.” Need we say more? We’ll let Jeff do the talking at 4:20p ET.

Facebook owns it when it comes to social media. With a billion-plus users, well, you know the story. Imagine ALL those people with Facebook pages that have ALL those photos and messages. That must be some kind of server that can store everything in the cloud.  You know where I’m going with this. We’ve got the guy in charge of creating the servers that handle trillions of pieces of data for Facebook. Frank Frankovsky first joined us for “3 Days in the Valley” three years ago. We can’t wait to catch up with Frank to find out how he does it. Meet him in our 4p ET hour.

And, leave it to the brains of Silicon Valley not only to create the smartphones and tablets we hunch over but to also create the solution to our bad backs. LUMOback is a body-tracking device you wrap around your waist (hidden under your clothes, relax) and it vibrates every time you slouch. An app on your iOS device gives you all kinds of data that could very well help you avoid expensive, painful and often unsuccessful back surgery. Monisha Perkash is co-founder and CEO. I’m already wearing mine, so we’ll show you how I’m doing tomorrow.  If it keeps my mother “off my back” about my posture, I’m loving it.

And that’s just Day 1. Day 2 will blow your mind. We’re live with a behind-the-scenes tour of Sony Playstation’s new headquarters in San Mateo.  Live characters will be with us, live musicians will show you how music is scored for video games, and we’ll show you the first look at a brand new game for the brand new Playstation 4 that’ll be released this November.

So come hang out with us tomorrow. “3 Days in the Valley” is back!​