The Internal Revenue Service is at it again with another parody video. This time the IRS is spoofing Donald Trump and his show 'The Apprentice' … oh, and they spent $10,000 taxpayer dollars to make it.

Do the IRS Shuffle: Is This Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work, or Hardly Working?

Used in a 2011 IRS conference, it was just released to the House Ways and Means Committee. The committee said this video was never used because the conference it was supposed to be shown at was canceled.

The Donald was played by IRS official Faris Fink, who you may recognize as Spock from the IRS’s Star Trek parody. When questioned by Congress about the Star Trek video in June, Fink said, “I apologize. ... They are embarrassing and I regret the fact that they were made."

Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Tucker Carlson pointed out a silver lining in this latest installment: “Every moment they spend wasting taxpayer dollars on silly parody videos, they’re not attacking the president’s political enemies.”

Watch the full video below via YouTube:

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