By Howard Kurtz

Everyone’s got an opinion about the media. Trust me on that.

When I started in the media criticism game, we mostly engaged in one-way broadcasting. You read the newspaper or watched what was on the tube. That now seems like the Stone Age. These days anyone with a smartphone can sound off on any subject—and we want to hear from you.

When we launch Media Buzz on Sunday at 11a ET, we will tackle the coverage of all kinds of subjects—politics, culture, business, tech, sports—and have some fun in the process. And we’ll be relying on social media to stay in touch with our viewers, even during the show.

Twitter has become such a part of my daily diet that it’s hard to remember what I did without it. Had a life, maybe. I love the instant feedback (well, most of the time), the far-flung links, the voices of people I might not ordinarily trip across in Manhattan or Beltway circles. I like to say that Twitter is the new AP, except that it harnesses far more brainpower than a wire service ever could.

On Sunday mornings, we’ll turn Twitter into a real-time tool and read the best tweets on the air.

We’ll also be introducing a new feature—hey, can’t give it all away at once—and let you submit entries on our show page.

Every week we’ll post a video responding to your questions, whether submitted by Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or YouTube. And there will be other videos as well, along with my daily blog. It’s hard to beat the reach of television, but the web is increasingly becoming a place where The Conversation takes place (and you never have to break to go to commercial).

We’ll bring top reporters, analysts and commentators on the air to analyze and dissect how the news business does, and fails to do, its job. And you can join the buzz by weighing in on how we do our job. 

Tune in to Media Buzz Sunday, September 8th at 11a ET.

Howard made an appearance Thursday afternoon on America Live, going over the media's coverage of the Syrian crisis with Alisyn Camerota and Fox News media analyst Lauren Ashburn. Watch the discussion below!