Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham were both on the couch this morning and both were fired up over President Obama's policy on Syria, as the White House hopes Congress will back missile strikes against the Assad regime.

First up was Coulter, who slammed Obama and Democrats for failing to take national security seriously, and argued that they instead are using this situation for political gain.

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She said the national security of the United States is not at stake in this case and outlined the risks of taking military action.

"If he hits the chemical weapons plant itself, he could be responsible for releases [of deadly chemicals] and things. What if Syria retaliates? [The world] used to say under Bush, 'the world hates us, the world hates us.' Now the world is laughing at us. Can you imagine what Putin thinks of this guy?" she argued, suggesting Assad received chemical weapons long ago from Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq.

Laura Ingraham followed, and she specifically discussed the "embarrassing" photo below, which shows Secretary of State John Kerry, then a senator, having dinner in 2009 with Bashar al-Assad.

Ingraham argued that even Sen. John McCain (who responded shortly thereafter) knows that the U.S. cannot achieve any long-term strategic objectives by launching limited missile strikes on Syria. Ingraham took issue with Obama and Kerry declaring that American credibility is at stake after Assad used chemical weapons.

"No, no, no. Our credibility is not at stake. The president's credibility is at stake," she said, explaining that what's good for the United States and what's good for Obama politically "are two different things."

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Ingraham then gave an impassioned argument about why the U.S. cannot get involved in another conflict in the Middle East.

"No one understands what America's role is in the Middle East today, given the promises that were made to the people who are funding this war, going into debt over this war, dying, bleeding, getting wounded. We do all the Wounded Warrior stuff on Fox, all this great work. So many of these men and women are broken coming back to this country. We can say it's limited engagement [in Syria] today, but most of the military experts say there is no limited engagement that is going to turn the tide," she said.

You can watch Coulter above and the discussion with Ingraham in the clip below.