This morning on Fox and Friends, we heard the inspiring story of Montana high school football player Koni Dole, who hasn't let an amputated leg keep him off the field.

Now using a prosthetic blade, the running back scored two touchdowns Friday night, plus registered a sack while playing defensive end as Huntley Project High School won its season opener 45-0.

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In the final game of last season, Dole suffered a gruesome leg injury that required multiple surgeries. Due to a serious infection, doctors were forced to amputate his right leg below the knee.

Dole actually wrestled for the high school team last year only a few months after the amputation, and then ran track in the spring. He spoke to Anna, Brian and Steve this morning by phone to share his incredible story.

Dole said that he went to rehab with his doctors a few times but quickly realized they were "holding me back" and instead he undertook a more aggressive weight-training program with his coaches.

"I had to push through a lot of pain to be where I am right now," he said, explaining that he has to sit some plays out because the amputation is still healing and the pain is intense while he's on the field.

"The feeling of being out there on the field again was overwhelming. It kinda blocked my mind out of the pain," said Dole.

It's always been Koni's dream to play football at Montana State, and he told us he has been offered a scholarship to walk onto the football team.

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