Syria expert Elizabeth O’Bagy, from the Institute for the Study of War, spoke to rebel leader General Salim Idris after President Obama announced he will seek a vote from Congress before taking military action. O’Bagy told Bret Baier on Special Report that Gen. Idris and members of the rebel groups feel the international community – specifically the United States – has “let them down.”

She said there is a conspiracy theory among some Syrian people who see this as the U.S. standing by President Bashar al-Assad. Fox Middle East and Terrorism analyst Walid Phares said the president’s decision is seen as a sign of “weakness” in the region.

Polls show that a majority of the America public do not support intervention in Syria. O’Bagy responded to that, saying, “[The rebels] feel like the American people should be standing up for them right now because they are standing up for the same principles and values that they believe the American people are standing up for.”