Miley Cyrus stole the show at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards, proving once and for all that her days as the kid-friendly Hannah Montana are long gone.

She burst onto the stage in a body suit, then later stripped down to a nude-colored bikini and at one point gave a lap dance to Robin Thicke, who came out to sing "Blurred Lines."

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Meantime, Will Smith and his family's reaction to Cyrus' provocative dance moves were captured perfectly in this photo, which quickly went viral. 

Update: Though this still of the Smith went viral in reaction to Cyrus' performance, it was actually taken during Lady Gaga's performance. Nevertheless, it seems to encapsulate much of America's reaction to the former Disney star's performance quite well. 

On America's Newsroom, Martha MacCallum discussed the risque performance with radio host Michael Graham, who called it a "freak show" and criticized Cyrus' dance moves as "frightening."

"The kids thought it was dopey too," he said.

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Martha asked whether the performance was meant to boost MTV's ratings, pointing out that the audience for the VMAs peaked in 1999.

"There's something really not right going on here with Miley Cyrus and I think it's sad," she said.

Graham said Cyrus was trying to steal the show and be the focus of everyone's attention the next day.

"She was on TV last night to get onto YouTube because that's where the action is," he said.

Watch the discussion below!

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