There are reports of new attacks in the Damascus suburbs just one day after an alleged chemical attack against innocent Syrian civilians killed dozens of children. United Nations teams are on the ground, but it is unclear if they’ll be allowed access to the site of the alleged attack.

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Horrifying video from inside the country shows young children lying on the ground – body after body lying motionless.

Others who survived seem to be shown struggling to breathe, grasping for help.

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Leland Vittert conducted an interview with the man who shot the shocking video. According to him, it was 2 a.m. when missiles began to fall. When he arrived at the hospital, they had already run out of atropine, the drug that prevents the effects of sarin gas.

He said, “When you see 200 dead people and a lot of people dying in front of you, it is indescribable.”

“I was in shock with all of those bodies in front of me, and not able to do anything.”

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