A brand-new medical danger from ticks is threatening millions of Americans. New cases of Lyme disease are soaring, and now two new illnesses have also been discovered in ticks.

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Dr. Richard Firshein told Shannon Bream that the CDC has acknowledged for the first time that the number of cases of Lyme disease is much greater than previously recognized. “Originally, there were 30,000 cases believed to occur every year in the United States, mostly in thirteen states. Current estimates […] right now by the CDC are that there are over 300,000 cases of Lyme disease!”

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Biology Professor Steve Murphree explained that a number of other viruses have been connected to ticks, including one that has a 30 percent mortality rate.

Dr. Firshein laid out the symptoms associated with Lyme disease and these other tick-related viruses, including flu-like symptoms, severe fever, fatigue, and headaches.

Murphree recommends protecting yourself by using a good repellent and inspecting yourself and others when you are out hiking.

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