Police say three teenagers in Oklahoma shot and killed an Australian student “for the fun of it.” Christopher Lane, 22, was visiting the U.S. on a baseball scholarship at East Central University. On Friday, Lane was reportedly jogging along a road in Duncan, Okla., after visiting his girlfriend when he was shot in the back, allegedly by the teens.

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The Duncan police chief said the boys told police they were “bored” and so they “decided to kill somebody.”

The three defendants, ages 15, 16 and 17, appeared in court today. Two were charged with first degree murder, while the third teen faces a lesser charge.

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The victim’s father, Peter Lane, said in an emotional statement that their family has “lost something that’s just never going to be replaced.” He added, “They have a saying it takes a village to raise a kid. Chris was a product of a fantastic village.”

The captain of the Duncan Police Department, Jay Evans, told Shepard Smith on Studio B that the teens were associated with other individuals who had been arrested several months ago for committing a series of armed robberies.

Evans said the teens involved in this shooting seemingly wanted to “live that gangster lifestyle.” 

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