The push to defund ObamaCare is heating up as conservative groups join together to call out Republican politicians who have either opposed defunding or have not taken a public stance. A group called For America and the Tea Party Patriots will embark on a six-state "Exempt America" tour.

They’ve also released a series of online ads aimed at GOP senators, including Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The ad uses chickens to represent a "new breed of Republicans" that say one thing but do another, with a quote of McConnell.

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin appeared on Hannity to explain that if Republican senators vote to fund ObamaCare, then they support the law.  

Democratic Strategist Matt Bennett, however, believes the health care law is working. Sean Hannity reminded Bennett that half of all ObamaCare statutory deadlines have been missed. Furthermore, there are only three states that might see a reduction in costs, while California, Ohio and Florida will see costs skyrocket.

Bennett cried foul, saying Hannity “cherry-picked” those numbers. He said the cost will go down nationally in the future.

“He said the cost would go down,” Hannity interjected. “What part of this does your liberal mind not understand?! It’s going up - in some cases 100 percent!”

Bennett responded, “Only briefly and then it’s going to come down.”

Hannity also brought up the fact that President Obama said no one would lose their health care, but 100,000 New Jersey residents will reportedly lose their care. Bennett blamed employers for throwing those residents off their plan.

“You’re dead wrong,” Hannity shot back. “You are brainwashed. You are brain dead because you believe your own talking points at this point. Nobody believes this, not even big labor believes it.”

Bennett maintained that President Obama promised an expansion of coverage, not that every American would be covered. “Sean, here’s the thing, this question is over with. We had an election after ObamaCare was passed and the election re-elected the president.”

“Let me educate you,” Hannity said. “Our Constitution has literally checks and balances. They have separation of powers. And the funding of the government and the funding of programs, that actually starts in the Congress. Right now, the Congress is run by the Republicans. If they choose to defund it, guess what? It’s not going to be funded.”

Hannity concluded by saying that he hoped Republican leaders like Sen. McConnell will step it up and vote to defund ObamaCare.