In a touching tribute, Fox News Channel’s Jonathan Hunt remembered his dear friend and former colleague Mickey Deane, a Sky News cameraman who was killed in the escalating violence in Egypt.

Deane, a 61-year-old father of two, had covered war zones around the globe for the last three decades. It appears as though journalists are being targeted in the Egypt unrest. According to the latest reports, Deane simply bent over and as he stood up, a sniper took him out with one bullet.

Jonathan Hunt, who worked with Deane for many years, talked about his friend on today’s Studio B. “He was the life and soul of every shoot we ever went on, party we ever went to … I cannot put into words just what a great man he was.”

Despite his experience, Deane always took appropriate precautions. “If indeed it was as we’ve heard, a sniper just on a rooftop somewhere targeting journalists, there’s nothing you can do about that,” Hunt said.

Hunt concluded by saying Deane was “the greatest man I’ve ever met.”