Willie Robertson, star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, joined The Five in studio for his first cable interview and dished about his political future. 

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Jumping right in to the hot topics, Bob Beckel asked Robertson where he stands on gun background checks. “I’m okay with a background check,” the reality star said, adding “Bob, I have a lot of weapons and every time I have to go fill out the paperwork to get the weapon.”

Robertson said he was offended by President Obama’s remark about people clinging to their religion or guns. Looking toward the 2016 election, he said Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is “my guy.”

As for his own political future, Robertson didn’t confirm whether he would make a run for Congress. When asked about the vacated Louisiana House seat, he answered, “I’m kind of busy right now.”

He attributed the show’s immense success to a combination of its family values and being funny. Asked about his Christian faith, Robertson said, “It was going to be impossible to make a show about our family without our faith.”

Check out the full interview below, plus, see a sneak peek of the season four premiere of Duck Dynasty!

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