Being called the “Missouri Miracle” – a 19-year-old girl survives being hit by a drunk driver and many say it’s thanks to a mystery priest. A community is now searching for a man who appeared to be dressed like a Catholic priest. He prayed with the young girl at the scene of the crash as her vital signs were failing.

Mystery Solved: "Angel Priest" Who Prayed With Crash Victim Speaks

Police plan to file charges against Aaron Smith, the 26-year-old who crashed into Katie Lentz’s car on Sunday morning. She remains at Blessing Hospital where she is being treated for serious internal injuries.

Lentz reportedly asked someone to pray out loud as first responders struggled to rescue her from the wreckage.

Ralls County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Adair told KHQA: “The fire chief, Raymond Reed, had stepped back and came up to me and said he was concerned because he was out of options. His tools weren’t working and by that time, it was almost an hour and said I don’t know how we’re going to get her out.”

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Suddenly, a priest appeared, despite the highway being locked down for three miles and emergency crews blocking the road.

According to, witnesses said he anointed Lentz and her rescuers with oil, prayed with them and asked them to remain calm.

When the Hannibal fire department was able to free Lentz, she was taken to the hospital in an Air Evac helicopter. As for the priest, he was nowhere to be found. Fire Chief Reed said the department took 80 photos of the scene and the priest did not appear in any of them.

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