Oprah Winfrey recently made controversial comments about Trayvon Martin, President Obama and Fox News. While promoting her new movie, Winfrey paralleled Martin’s death to Emmett Till, saying that in her mind the cases are the same.

Then, when asked about director Lee Daniels reportedly asking President Obama for a cameo in the movie, Winfrey said, “That’s why Obama is our president, because he knows not to go and get himself in a movie and be on Fox News every day.”

Why shouldn’t the president appear on Fox News, Sean Hannity questioned. He said he always regarded the former daytime talk show host as someone who was on a spiritual journey and promoted bringing people together.

Michael Meyers, of the NY Civil Rights Coalition, called Winfrey’s statements “fallacious.” He told Hannity, “These comments are so outrageous, so racially offensive, such racial rhetoric, that I say she is now engaging in idiocy and racial poison.”